I Love a Rainy Night

Personal / Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

*Hmmm, that hasn’t happened in a VERY LONG TIME. I wrote a post, published it and it disappeared! Grrrr.*

Tis a cold rainy night, which in my world means it should just freaking snow already. Who likes COLD rain? Bah. I came home from work and decided to defrost tilapia and crawl under the blankets with Simba Cat at my side and listen to the cold, wet, rain outside and perhaps clear my head. Ah, content. Cozy. All is good, maybe I’ll snooze? Maybe I’ll grab that book right there…no, I will stay here and pet purring Simba Cat and listen to the rain. Mindfulness. One with the moment.

Yeah, that lasted about 2 minutes.

Suddenly I’m looking around the bedroom rearranging the furniture in my head. Perhaps I should move the bed there and the dresser over here and then I can move the shelves from the other room over there and YES! That would work. Wait, but I read once that the foot of the bed shouldn’t be facing out the door because that is bad feng shui and even if I don’t believe in that I don’t want to risk it but where else would I put my bed? Why don’t I get up and throw some rice in the rice cooker while the tilapia thaws and THEN I will figure out what to do in the bedroom. But now that I’m out of bed where the heck did I put the rice cooker again? The lid is over here and the pan is here….grrrr…oh wait! I remember, I put it over in that cupboard which really didn’t make sense anyhow, I should totally rearrange these cupboards because I haven’t quite figured out where everything in my kitchen is supposed to go yet and my microwave isn’t even plugged in. Yes, I will do the kitchen. Rice in rice cooker. Now, where did I put the extension cord? OH LOOK my winter shower curtain! It’s cold outside, I can put this up now right? Now I need to take a photo OF COURSE and blog my first winter decoration of the year because I’m a nerd like that…and while I’m at the computer, listen to Christmas Music. Yay!

Where to start? I will put all the baking pans above the refrigerator and the cooking pans under the sink and now there are pans everywhere and I’m singing Jessica Simpson at the top of my lungs “Baby, It’s COLD Outside!” My neighbors probably think I’m a freak, or drunk…drunk…oh I wish I had some wine in the house, nyah…keep singing. Rice is cooked. Bake tilapia with lemon and lots of capers. Do a few of the dishes. And now time for dinner! Perhaps I will watch that episode of Always Sunny from last week. Um, which I did and it was REALLY bad, perhaps I should have watched How I Met Your Mother instead. Oh my GOD who am I? I actually downloaded an episode of How I Met Your Mother? Ok, ok, I know it will be funny but still. Man, I need to get that load of laundry out of the basement and throw in my comforters. Dang, I was going to go grab groceries at the Co-op tonight too but it has been cold and rainy and that’s no fun. Maybe I’ll just throw all the pans back in the one cupboard and forget about all the organizing for the night?

Or maybe I’ll blog about the constant chatter in my brain instead and see if anyone else out there finds this amusing, in that WHY CAN’T I EVER JUST BE STILL kind of way?

Hmmm. Glad the other post disappeared, this one is much more…me.

Sad but true.

Now what should I do?

Mmm my apartment smells like capers. I love capers. AND Whitesnake is playing on Pandora.

Life is good.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?