Ralph Lauren Polo———RED?


Lucky me. My first time getting a complimentary Influencer box* and somehow I ended up the lucky one with Ralph Lauren Polo Red.

One moment to review this post from the past which gives a wee bit of history of my LOVE OF ALL THINGS RALPH LAUREN POLO.

Now. Back to 2017.

I get this free wee box in the mail and I’m supposed to share with HWMMS I think? But as soon as I smelled it, I’m not sure I will want to give it all away. I might have put some on for myself.

HWMMS just sampled it. Said “hmmm, it’s ok…wait, isn’t this your all time favorite cologne or something?”

Aw, that Husband of mine, all paying attention and stuff.

Yeah. It’s good.

Extremely good.

And not because I got it for free good. But it might be because I’ve been obsessed with Polo since 13 good.

*Please Note: I received this product free from Influenster for testing purposes.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?