I hate putting new posts up when it is a Daring Bakers reveal weekend, especially over Labor Day weekend. People will be flocking to my blog and not able to find the post hidden below. So I shall include it here just in case: Daring Bakers August Challenge: Chocolate Éclairs

Mark and I saw two funny, funny movies this weekend: Tropic Thunder (Tom Cruise dancing ranks second only to Tuggernauts ringtone.) And HAMLET 2 where of course *Rock Me Sexy Jesus* is still running through my head “Slam bam spank you maam.”

I had my first nosebleed EVER in 35 years. I woke up, felt the running faucet drip, reached for a tissue and it was covered with blood. BLOOD! Scared the hell out of me. No idea why it happened, but I’ve been hesitant to use my nasal spray for allergies all weekend.

Not happy there’s a lawn sign in the wee lawn in front of my house. I’m a renter. Mark and I both are unable to vote in this particular primary (silly people, Republicans in Buffalo don’t do primaries and Mark is an Indie.)  My landlady lives upstairs and put it out there. Grrrr.

I washed that grey right out of my hair this weekend, loving the dark brown again.

I’m not a fan of This American Life. And I think I should be but I just can’t stand the quirky background music in between the storytelling, it drive me NUTS. However, hearing the name Phil Collins made me listen to this repeat while it was on the air.

I LOVE buying presents at Treehouse. The colored ribbon makes me happy.

OLD! While driving home from a late evening over the weekend I passed through the intersection of Allen and Elmwood. The time was nearly 1 am and I realized just a few short years ago, that I would just be HEADING OUT AT THIS HOUR instead of going home. (Buffalo Bars, 4 am closing time.) And the girls, they looked so young…

In retrospect, I’m really, really, really glad that I didn’t choose the Action Figure JESUS doll to include as the *wedding shower gift* that started with the first letter of my name. The shower for my friend was thrown at a church by her future mother-in-law who led us in prayer before lunch. I chose wisely with a travel journal. (Mark recommended Jenga, which could not be found on Elmwood Strip. Or a joke book. Or a juggling set—we were in Treehouse shopping.

Upon entering the Lexington Co-op this afternoon the first thing I saw was CONCORD GRAPES. And they taste soooooo goooooood. Just like home. Welcome Fall!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?