Randomments: All Things Pope?

Random musings from a never confirmed ex-Catholic (at 16, I didn’t attend church enough after my Grandmother and Father passed away and my mom remarried and *left* the church and we moved 30 minutes away…) And then there’s those pesky teachings of the Catholic Church I disagree with such as not allowing married men to be ordained, not allowing women to be ordained, not accepting our brothers and sisters who have same-sex partners…the concept of birth control…etc…etc…

But this is not a post about why I’m not Catholic!


1. Francis is a Smith Family Name. I like it. Grandfather was Francis Bernard and Father was Bernard Francis.

2. Prayer of the St. Francis of Assisi is one of my favorites. The Pope selecting the patron saint of the poor, has to be a good sign…right? I mean the Pope rode a bus!

3. My friend Aimèe and I were wearing our new Jell-o chef hats when the new Pope was named. Divine large white hat intervention? Perhaps.

4. I really want to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina someday. Tis the top 3 on my bucket list.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?