Randomments: Friday Winter Wonderland Version

Holidays, Randomments, Weber Wonderland, Western New York / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Randomments. “I need a little Christmas, right this very minute!” 

1. Despite much snow at Weber Wonderland, we still haven’t decorated. This is always the problem, I want to before Thanksgiving when spirits are high. Instead I’m now surrounded by high piles of decoration boxes which are stacked in front of the wine rack making decorating even more difficult. 

2. Much snow at Weber Wonderland reminds us that we have a rattle-trap truck that is pretty much 1 wheel drive and worthless and currently sits parked under inches of fluffy white stuff in Bogert curve. In other news, we REALLY need another vehicle ASAP. Sigh. 

3. Also, halfway through Christmas Cookies. I NEED TO FINISH BEFORE MONDAY or they become New Years Cookies. 

4. I purchased my first holiday gift, this morning. And it wasn’t even for Christmas, it’s for HWMMS birthday. So behind. Also you know dealing with septic, furnace, a million vet visits over melting cat eyeball, broken truck…well $$$.

5. I did however get half of our Weber Wonderland greeting cards ordered and sent. Woot! 

6. I would add a photo to this post but I’m currently waiting for my next-day shipment of a new phone since the other one went MIA sometime/someplace between running errands and hitting the bus hut with the truck on the way up the driveway on Wednesday. And because of #4, I was responsible and did not choose the very shiny Galaxy Note 8 but a refurb S7 instead. 📱

UPDATE: HAHAHAHAHA. FedEx couldn’t get up driveway (of course) didn’t leave at hut at end of driveway because IT NEEDED A SIGNATURE. They called CHUCK of course because I don’t have a phone. SIGH.

UPDATE UPDATE: What to expect in the next 36 hours: ‘messy PM commute, evening ‘thundersnow’

In other words, BE SAFE driving home tonight from work, stay home this weekend. Bake cookies, fill out cards, decorate and enjoy another almost foot of snow, at least at Weber Wonderland

Merry Merry!