Real Estate Agents: Making the Big Bucks? (HA!)

Real Estate / Saturday, June 24th, 2017

“For members with less than two years of experience, the median gross income was $8,930 and the net income was $7,690.” –NAR releases study on sources of Realtor incomes

My problem for the most part is all the people I have been working with are buyers and well, you read the stories of how hot the market is. My timing is horrible.

PLUS there are sooooooooooooooooooo many real estate agents and most don’t make it past two years when it’s time to renew their license (I’ve seen stats that say up to 87%!).

A LOT OF WORK—-not much $.

You really have to devote full-time + hours to succeed and even then, the money isn’t fantastic. There’s NO WAY you can start in this business without having 1. a part-time job to fall back on for money or 2. lots and lots of money squirreled away to tide you over for a few years while getting started.

It’s hard as hell. (But I do enjoy working with friends helping them find homes!) I’m in a very unique position with a PT job that is flexible…there’s no way I could consider it otherwise.

If I didn’t have a built in *platform* of people I already know from being, well All Things coupled with the fact that I work for the Chamber so I’m meeting more people AND have a flexible schedule and no kids…yeah, it wouldn’t even be a consideration. I’m almost at break even point for the amount I’ve invested in the last two years (admittedly, working very pt—not full steam ahead.)

True Confession.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?