Real Estate: Buyer’s Agent Frustration #27

Real Estate: Buyer’s Agent Frustration #27: I’m two years into this adventure called real estate and I get more and more flabbergasted and gobsmacked each day.

My friend wanted to see a house. I tried to schedule a showing time for Saturday and was declined. I called to ask why, because if it was the time we could be flexible. The person scheduling didn’t know, said they would look into it but mentioned there was an open house scheduled for the next day. Which was fine, but we wanted to see it Saturday if possible. A few hours later a bunch of automated decline messages came through, which was laughable since it was already 5pm. Whatever. Open house tomorrow.

THIS MORNING I logged into the MLS to confirm the times of the open house list I created last night to send to my friend and make sure everything was still current, because despite pulling a list last night I KNOW BETTER. My friend went to the open house this afternoon…and sends me this message.

“Hey, so I’m at XYZ and it says sale pending!!? and no open house sign or agent on sight. Is this why they wouldn’t view yesterday? Why didn’t they just tell you?”

WHY INDEED. The level of unprofessionalism I have experienced in the Real Estate field is unmatched. And I’ve worked for underpaid, overworked nonprofits all my life.

All I can do is apologize. And press the little report button on the MLS.

Sigh. I hate this. So. Much.

When I logged into the system this morning it showed as active. I know how this game works, I know no one communicates. Which is why despite spending time last night looking things up I still spent time this morning reviewing just to make sure. Yet someone my friend and I still ended up wasting our time.

I just logged into the system now HOURS AFTER THE OPEN HOUSE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN and guess what, still listed as ACTIVE.


The good agents are being upfront about this crazy world even though it’s crazy—-I will look up a property and it says: Just listed Monday! Open House Saturday. All offers need to be in Sunday 9am!

At least that’s communicating.

I honestly assume any house someone asks about is under contract when I look it up. It’s when I look it up, it shows as active, I schedule a showing and then get canceled the next day, not week, not few days but next DAY that bothers me.

Last week, two showings I scheduled the day before were canceled because they went under contract. One agent notified me, one didnt. My friends saw it come up online while I was at a different showing. Yep. As an agent wouldn’t it be in your clients best interest to keep an appointment for the next day just to see if another, better offer might come in? At the very least you contact the person who has an appointment to cancel.

My brain hurts just trying to figure it out.



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