Real Estate Woes

Real Estate / Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Real Estate Woes

House on the market FRIDAY. Saw it yesterday. Multiple offers presented tonight.

House on the market SATURDAY. Saw it today. Multiple offers, presented tomorrow.

My clients have more time to consider which value meal they want at the drive-thru.


While out showing houses my friend used the terms “practical like” and “logical love” to describe the house she was considering. She’s been heartbroken SEVERAL times.

Also anyone who thinks real estate life is about freedom to create your own schedule, hasn’t worked with buyers looking in the current WNY market. You can’t afford to wait or you lose out immediately.

Each one of these stupid deflated lawn decorations represents another shattered heartbreak over another house not under contract. BUT PLEASE NOTE. Like a shining beacon of hot air—there is ONE lawn decoration that stands triumphant! The unicorn of all inflatables–just waving at us as if to say “hey, look over here! I’m over here! How do you not see me?”

Every loss is someone else’s gain and one step closer to finding THE ONE WITCH WAVING.