Recovery (through the eyes of Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen)

Tee hee. I was sleeping last night while taking the happy pain pills, now I’m awake, armed with YouTube and the company of my four-year old niece and her bacon makin’ mama. Could recovery be more fun? 🙂

Recovery with Little A includes listening to Lisa Loeb “Disappointing Pancake.”

“I’d like to think that pancakes are a bit like me and you.”

Quote from Little A:

“That is a very disappointing pancake. Why can’t they just catch it?”

Someone should tell the makers of this happy pain free pill to keep grown adults away from YouTube while under the influence. Look what I’ve found!

I have this record and loved it. COD? 8 Track?

Whatever happened to these guys, they are oh so soft and cuddly. Bring them back!

How do I still remember every word to this theme song?

The day mom let me order picture pages from Bill Cosby and Captain Kangaroo and I could actually play along was one of the happiest of my childhood…</overstatement>


Seriously? Scallions yodeling about a sick penguin? Am I high? Or is this the best video evah?

Oh and…Facebook should be banned too. I just took a quiz, and I hate those quizzes (on a steeek.) I even posted my results!

Jennifer completed the quiz “Which Jeff Dunham character are you?” with the result Peanut.
You are wild, wacky, and the life of every party. You are always smiling and laughing and have a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor. Sometimes you tend to piss other people off when you make fun of them. But you’re just so damn lovable and fun that people can’t help but adore you!.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?