ME in Buffalo Spree!

Buffalo Spree Article!

Buffalo Spree did a story about local bloggers, look it’s me! Thank you Anna for the very chic write up! Now I have a reputation to create, live up to! One VERY IMPORTANT correction though, for any of my readers.


I’m NOT a Chippewa person. AT ALL. Not even a little tiny, itsy bitsy bit. (Sorry!) In fact, I hate the Chip Strip. With ignited passion of a thousand young girls wearing slutty skirts and tight bratops with spiked boots looking for a quickie. And the men who are far too old (or young) that are after them…I’m an Allentown woman of the night. Give me the Old Pink anytime.

But all the rest about me being adorable and wonderful and hip? Yep. Right on the nose. (sarcasm)


Oh and hello to everyone from work who is likely to be reading now. Be kind…I said be KIND!


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?