Health & Wellness, Personal / Sunday, March 14th, 2010


1. Refocus on the LENTEN swearing promise: (I lost track…and truthfully didn’t even remotely try last week, curse words were a needed source of comfort.)

2. Refocus on the water drinking and vitamin taking. Although I have been doing a VERY good job of the water intake, I tend to fail on the weekends. Little brother also told me I’m supposed to be taking TWO of the Omega 3 vitamins a day and I’ve only been taking one. This week, two it is. (But I’ll have to get another $23 ready for a new bottle, stat.)

3. Refocus on the breathing consciously and better posture. Again, I was aware of my breathing last week and took many more deep filling breaths, probably sad to say more fulfilling slow breaths last week than the entire year so far to date. but I still have LIGHT YEARS of work with this healthy habit.

So this week, I’m taking an extra week and getting it right. Or at the very least a little better day by day.

I’ve also noticed that just by THINKING about being a healthier person…I’ve started to slowly begin to adjust to other habits I want to be working on in the months ahead, such as:

Waking up and hour earlier to eat breakfast and walk to work.

Cut back WAY back on drinking

Sleep with humidifier on to keep skin/nose hydrated.

8 hours of sleep.

Writing/journaling/reading more.

Spending more time with ME. (Which usually means more time with the cats as well.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?