Reminder Note to Self for Christmas 2008

Dear Self,

Next year in early November (late October) when the Christmas Music bug hits…remember to START WRITING OUT CHRISTMAS CARDS and wrapping presents and program e-card holiday greetings and make crafty goods for overall Holiday Merriment. You will thank yourself later.

Oh and when you SEE those perfect presents on the internet, BUY THEM RIGHT AWAY instead of saving them in your Wists folder, because more than likely your truck will breakdown and you will not have the money to buy it in early December and by the time you do have some cash it will be too late for shipping.

Also remember it might be possible to OD on Sponge Candy and Godiva. And the only time you really eat anything chocolate in the first place is during one certain time of the month and that time of the month is going to coincide with many boxes of chocolates in the office again next year.

Merry Christmas!


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?