All in a Days Work / Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Restructure? Yes, there was a restructure at work. A few positions were affected, mine being one of them…

And I’m not gonna lie, if I could pick out the exact dream job that I wanted by adding a little of this department and a little of that department and shaking it up with all sorts of ideas that haven’t yet found their way into any department, but would greatly benefit the organization I work for…well, presto baby, that job is MINE!

Mine. Mine. MINE.

I’m over the freaking moon. So selfish to say, but so true.

I get to do everything I love on a day to day basis, personally for MY JOB. I get to do everything I love and am good at for the good of the organization I strongly believe in. AND I get to do everything I love not only for myself, and the organization I work for BUT for the entire community as well.

My mind keeps circling, so many ideas…so little hours between 9-5. (Good thing I work weekends and well, I guess I’m always sort of working, eh?)

So tis a promotion of sorts. A weird hybrid between my current Development role and the Marketing Department. I’m still working on my new title and job description, this below doesn’t quite fit on a business card. I’m sort of thinking Community and Media Relations Manager.

A little Development, a little Marketing, a little Public Relations, a little Special Event Planning and a little Government Relations equals: a whole lot of Community Relations. Pretty much my perfect job. 🙂

I’m incredibly blessed. And spoiled and I know that tis a very, very rare occasion indeed that the senior staff and executive directors at an organization will take a look at a person and what they do well…and basically create a position for that person to succeed and grow within the organization, not to mention KICK ASS in the community and do many good things.

That said, I have a lot of learning, quick learning to do. And so much more planning on the horizon. So much more work, but work that never feels like work for an allthingsjennifer.

Over the moon.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?