RINO Jen-State of the Union Afterthoughts

“Have you noticed how some conservatives hate big government-unless they don’t?” Buffalo News Editorial.

Yes, yes in fact I DO notice and it drives me crazy…listening to the State of the Union address last week I was annoyed. Annoyed. Slap myself on the back and call me George W. Bush, but I THOUGHT he ran for President as a “compassionate conservative”?

The first half of the speech was not very compassionate-war? I am not an active advocate against the war on Iraq. I am smart enough to know that this war as an “extension of the war on terrorism” did not have a direct link, unlike most Americans apparently. And I do agree with the fact that the United States, while pushing an international coalition so as to not look like we were going in on this alone…had support of the world in general. Not official support from the United Nations, however that is something that needs to be addressed by the United Nations. I am very glad that Saddam Hussein is not in power anymore. I think the President set forth a scary precedent of preemptive warfare and this needs to be addressed for our future. But the STATE OF OUR UNION address did not really need that much time devoted to the war, did it? Arugh.

But the second half was worse. A lot of talk—Congress needs to do this (tax cut), Congress needs to do that (Patriot Act). Smooth political move calling on Congress. This way if it passes, the Prez gets the credit for it being HIS idea…if it doesn’t, well, GW told Congress to pass the law, right? Oh and here are these standards for education, but we will not provide any funding to make it really happen. (Which really, used to be, the role of the state, I thought…education-local?) And then the mandatory drug testing? Marriage initiative and abstinence being pushed—with the promise of dollars? Oh, and telling the Court that they are wrong and an amendment will be pushed through if the court doesn’t back away from defining marriage as a union between a man and woman? Where is the separation of Church and State? Marriage is a civil union. Men and women in city hall and in the courts can perform it. And, LO! Marriage can also be performed in a church. Does not HAVE to be in a church. Should not have to be subjected to religious indoctrination. A church can surely refuse to marry anyone they want. Hell, the Catholic Church won’t even let people get married outdoors? Why? Is it because nature is not NATURAL? Sorry, I digress…I see a difference. Some churches will not allow people who are divorced to remarry? Are these people unnatural? Blah.

Anyhow…one last point. Tom Reynolds, House Representative in the Clarence area of WNY was defined by the McLaughlin Group as the “most destined for political stardom in 2004.” Did Bill Paxon ever receive this honor as well? Hmmm. I should get thee to a Reynolds office, see who I can see, hear what I can hear.

Locally? The Giambra Senate Race decision will be made in the next few days. I am thinking that he might actually go for it, be the nominated impossibility. Be the sacred cow for the president, who will want to whoop up support in New York. I hope he doesn’t. But if he does, can Kevin Gaughin take his place as County Executive? Please???

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?