Ron Hawkins

Ah. Ron played last night at the North Tonawanda Concert Series.

A not so rowdy crowd of fans were in attendance. Our friend Karen drove us, we got there around 8 and moved up to the stage about 15 minutes before the show, with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. It should have been more difficult. I mean we just walked right up to the 3rd row. Odd.

I feel a little old though, because the pre-party for me for this show was a ridiculously large vanilla iced coffee from McDonalds. Yep, no beers for me. Mark and I came back from Dunkirk late in the day after playing on Routes 5 and 20 and had enough time to well, not quite enough time to take a nap before the show, but enough time to get our wits about us at least.

A good show as always Ron does not disappoint. Considering how utterly grumpy and agitated I’ve been lately it was very nice to just mellow out with my favourite musician of all time (and my girl crush Alex and her cello were there too!)

My pictures came out awful. I don’t even know why I try sometimes. I would love to have a camera that could work in this kind of lighting. Oh how happy I would be.

I did attempt to take quite a few videos off my camera too, not sure what they sound like…on the camera they were AWFUL. I’m hoping for better quality on the computer. Of course for some unknown reason the speakers on the computer at home are not working (again) so? I will have to find out later.

After the show Ron and Dylan (bass player from Low) were selling CD’s in the back of Ron’s Ford Focus. So non-chalant and non rock-stary. I love him. Since I own every CD and several of them are signed I was thinking about getting another one just to go up and have a reason to get close. Turns out my friend Karen had the same idea. So KAREN bought a CD and had Ron sign it. Inches away from the God of my Idoltry.

It was a good night indeed.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?