Roomba Love

When you live in a giant home covered with white carpeting (why white? WHY?) that you haven’t ripped out and replaced with hardwood floors yet and have five cats and a two giant brindle puppies you’re going to end up spending a lot of time vacuuming. AND you have to have a decent vacuum cleaner to make a difference otherwise you’re just going over and over the same teeny tiny piece of paper that you could have picked up a minute before on your very own.

Needless to say, vacuuming isn’t my favorite chore.

The vacuum cleaner I had for a long time was a hand-me-down. And then I adopted another hand-me-down. I suppose they worked there was very little carpet to begin with. But the new house, ala

The one day I came home to HWMMS telling me he bought a Roomba.

You know, that really expensive automatic vacuum cleaner? Yeah. It would be on our doorstep in two days, thank you Amazon Prime.

Once Roomba arrived, we were in love. The little guy is amazing to watch. Somehow he knows not to go over the steps. Somehow he knows how to go around a chair leg with his little brushes sweeping the dust along the way. Somehow he knows how to go back home all on his own when it’s time for him to recharge. Somehow he goes underneath furniture we never would have swept under, ever.

The craziest part of this little machine is the amount of stuff it picks up. Yes we have seven animals and well, a messy me living in the house but oh my goodness, day after day…every day since we bought him…Roomba is filled with dust and hair and a ton of gunk he somehow found on the floors. And we even run him more than once a day occasionally too…still, full. I can’t imagine what a dirty house would look like…because I think our floors are pretty clean but somehow Roomba proves me wrong. How does he keep doing that?

Since these crazy little robot vacuum cleaners arrived on the market years ago the price have really come down…it’s worth every penny. I swear.

Do you have a love affair with a Roomba?


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