Sad Day for Buffalo

And no, I don’t mean because of the Buffalo Sabres. Cause, meh, sports.


Despite the overwhelming public support of the Central Terminal As Buffalo’s New Amtrak Station  the almighty committee ruled from on high  to decide location of a new train station downtown

Money, location. Whatever. Enough of the bullshit.

This was a chance to make a difference in a Buffalo neighborhood. No, not that many people even use trains. But rebuilding a train station to allow for trains—why now that’s a CRAZY idea! Having transit from a train station in a city to just a stones throw away downtown to the waterfront is another CRAZY idea.

Ugh. What a lack of foresight. Again. As always.

Thank you to the few people who voted otherwise.

Among those voting against the downtown location was Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, Rep. Brian Higgins and Sen. Tim Kennedy. –Train committee chooses downtown site; Central Terminal backers claim “fix was in”


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?