Sales Call

Ok, ya catch me a few minutes after 9:00 am on an amazingly beautiful morning, BEFORE my first cup of coffee…and this is what you get.

“Hello, I am looking for the proper spelling for one of your employee’s names.”

“Ok, what name sir?”

“Toni. How is that spelled?”

“With an I, T-O-N-I”

“And, does she have a last name?”


Confused silence.

Add sounds of a smartaleck Jennifer holding back laughter…
(Insert Jeopardy theme song here.)

“Sir, her last name is…”

C’mon, does MADONNA have a LAST NAME? If you ask me coyly ‘Does she have a last name?” You are going to get a NO. If you say “And how do you spell her last name?” You will get a spelling of her last name. I do it all with a smile, so it never sounds rude, trust me.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?