Salon Style

Personal / Friday, April 24th, 2009

Salon Style. Yesterday while at the Aveda salon getting my hair cut and styled all pretty and new I found myself watching the clock tick, tick, tick…

The scalp massage, wash, cut, style took about 25 minutes. And then the blowdrying began. And did. not. end. My hair is pretty light and wispy, it can dry easily without a hair dryer in no time at all (which is what I usually do.) I’m certain that yesterday while in the salon, my hair was blown dry longer than it has been all year. Now I wasn’t completely itching to get back to the office or anything, but after 15 minutes…20 minutes…are you KIDDING me 35 minutes? Of blowdrying and brushing the same spot over and over and over only to find that once I step outside it will blow all over anyhow? Oy.

In the amount of time it took my lovely hairdresser to blow dry my hair, who did a fantastic job by the way…I can accomplish the following tasks in the morning: get out of bed, feed the cats, drink a glass of water, search for something to wear, take a shower, wash my hair, slightly blowdry to make wet hair damp, put on makeup, let Sasha Kitten inside, search for glasses, search for car keys, search for wallet, switch purses, grab cell phone, walk to vehicle, drive to work, park in garage, say good morning to coworkers in the hall, walk in my office, turn on my computer, grab a cup of coffee, check my email and check my Facebook account.

No joke. I can wake up at 8 am and accomplish all of this by 9 am.

OR I could be high-maintenance and wash and blowdry my hair.

Tis good to be low-maintenance, methinks I work better that way.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?