Sasha Kitten Update

The pain medication Sasha Kitten was prescribed last month has really, really helped him get back to a happier normal place. Sasha seemed to have a pretty good Holiday, was out and about from time to time, eating like a champ and hanging out getting lovin’ on demand.

And then last week came around… It appears Sasha’s going to the bathroom outside of the litter box in the living room, he’s hiding under the couch again for most of the day and not coming out running for food as he was (we bring it to him.) I’ve also been hearing him sneeze and wheeze and cough a bit, which is troubling because there are large cancerous tumors in his lungs.


After taking him to the vet, we are treating him for an upper respiratory infection.Sasha Kitten has had many in his lifetime and takes very well to the treatment. I’m hoping this time will be the same. HisĀ  body temperature is still down, a wee bit below average and the vet noticed a little bit of irregular breathing, but nothing too concerning. There’s still fluid around his internal organs, but nothing more than last month. Again, she said as long as he is eating not to worry too much (which he is, he actually GAINED a little weight this past month!) And just today he went downstairs to papa and cried to be let outdoors, ok, he didn’t stay out long because it is FREEZING OUTSIDE, but that’s something. And yes we have cats who actually like going outside in the winter, both Sasha Kitten and Tubby Cat still make rounds when snow is on the ground.

Oddly enough, last month when we found out Sasha Kitten was sick the other kitties seemed to be kinder, like they knew…this past week they are doing the opposite. Being mean towards him when he does come out…Jordan is the worst of all, I can’t even go over to Sasha Kitten without Jordan being extremely jealous….breaks my heart. I don’t like my baby being the weakest link.

I know he won’t be with us forever, I’m preparing myself…but I just want the time he has left to be comfortable.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?