Personal, Weber Wonderland / Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Saturday started off with coffee in bed. HWMMS loves me. It’s been a while since enjoying coffee in bed! Bah, if I knew it was going to be a chilly cloudy day I would have stayed there longer!

HWMMS had to get up early(ish) to get to the dealer so the Mistress could be inspected. Turns out the Mistress should have stayed in bed too, while in the middle of her inspection she decided to no longer hold a battery charge. Yep. So a new battery for the Mistress.

I swear earlier in the week when I looked at the weather report it was supposed to be a nice weekend. a nice weekend to do outside things. And since it’s the first weekend in FOREVER that we had a weekend to you know, do outside things. SO OF COURSE I WAS WRONG. Yeah, internet work time for a few hours, it will warm up, right?


Harley did not like that idea. Needy puppy. But look at that FACE.

HWMMS worked on getting the pool area organized, I ordered a ridiculous amount of garden soil and mulch and we waited for the day to turn nicer.



Went shopping instead. Drooled at the gorgeous fragrant lilacs. Dreamed of the day my now three year no longer bareroot lilacs look like this. Maybe this year?

Despite the weather not turning around I spent sometime out in the onion patch weeding out green unwelcome plants and attempting to dig up bunches of dandelions by their roots. I think I got maybe one out of every tenth root.

Now I’m indoors and my hands and toes are F-F-Freeezing. What was I thinking? Also why wasn’t it a nice Saturday to play outdoors?

Bah. Wasted day. I’m going to go bake a batch of brownies and eat my feelings now.



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