Saturday: Stay in bed day!

My oh MY was I Ms. Moody on Saturday.

Didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING and wanted to stay inside all the live long day and feel sorry for myself. Which I did. I stayed in bed as long as humanly possible, but for the moment I went downstairs to greet Alex at the door who brought me several gallons of water. (Thank you.)

Didn’t want to go in public without a shower. Couldn’t invite a nice man over for a visit…because things like BEING ABLE TO FLUSH A TOILET is one of those essentials needed on a 3rd-4th date. (My water mysteriously went away sometime on Friday…and mysteriously reappeared this morning at brunch time. Frozen pipes I presume?)

Anyhow, I cuddled up all day with my space heater…candles…books…kitty cats and the laptop. And life was good.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?