I happened to catch the season finale of Scrubs last night. And I must report on an interesting quote. It went something like this. (Not exact…something like this…)

Bridesmaid to Bride: Girl! I can’t believe you are getting married!

Bride: I know!

Bridesmaid to Bride: You know what this means? This means you will never have to have sex again unless you want to!

Bride: I know!

What the?

Naive Jennifer Admission Ahead- Uh. Ok. I took this line to mean that women, much of the time, don’t want to have sex unless the man does and now that they “got” one they don’t have to “give it.” Ick. I see this storyline frequently, is it true? Really? I am thinking about Everybody Loves Raymond…same thing…she never wants to have sex. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, well, well…I guess my future husband is going to be one hell of a lucky man if this is true. I know that all my good girl waiting for the right one- oops, not the right one- but still virginal-esque innocent-not-as-much self will be damn happy, while making my man damn happy as well. What is so wrong about expressing the idea that some woman out there MIGHT JUST HAVE the same level of desire for passionate encounters. God I miss Sex and the City already. Note to any teenage girls out there…wait until you are older, it makes the desire even stronger…TRUST me on that one. And then there are those myths about turning 30 and hitting the prime…oh, oh…oh…yeah.

But now…a little older and a little wiser in the past year or so…what I REALLY desire to find is what THIS feels like, what forever feels like…I haven’t had THAT yet…”A sexual, romantic relationship is not just a union of heart, not just a union of soul, but also a union of body. When we become lovers with someone, we offer up our body as home and sacred resting place for them.”

Home. Oh how I long to be with someone, someplace to be home.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?