Secret Husband Behavior

HWMMS, Music / Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Secret Husband Behavior. Some things cannot be unseen or unheard.

We just finished watching the movie Serenity. Shiny!

And then something strange happened…

The recent YouTube history of HWMMS flashed before my eyes on the large projector screen. And suddenly I’m watching a stand-up bit by Joe Rogan, which I know he watches.

But then, then…

I found out my husband is a secret crazy hipster.

Me: You listen to the Arctic Monkeys? How do you even know who they are?

HWMMS: I like this one song, listen…

Me: No, really how do you know this song, how do you know this music? I married a secret hipster?

HWMMS: I was listening to a mix, it came up and I looked it up.

He then goes on to show me a video by the group USS and  another by July Talk. Some things are better left in the solitude of his workshop in the basement. My husband is a freaking secret hipster.

HWMMS: What are you typing?

Me: Just blogging about marrying a secret hipster.

HWMMS: I gotta read that before you post it. (He says while Ministry plays in the background. Ministry makes sense. Mongolian Death Metal makes sense, the other? TERRIFYING.)

Me: I don’t like any of the music that makes me think you want to be 25 years old.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?