Sex and the City


I love someecards. 🙂

While I very much enjoyed watching Sex and the City and I will likely very much enjoy watching the movie sometime in the future…I have to say, the *spoilers* out there are well, rather lame. I want to know something BIG that happens. I’m kinda bored just reading, I guess I’ll have to watch.

All I can say is I hope Big and Carrie do NOT get married. I am likely the *Carrie* person sort of in the group of friends who bring friends together. But a fan of Carrie I am not. Aidan anyone? How could she break his heart like that????? “YOU BROKE MY HEART!!!!” I can hear still hear him today….all because of BIG? Do women really like him/them together??? Really? I’ve always had my heart set with Steve and Miranda…and from what I hear, well, no spoilers here. Looking forward to seeing an adorable Charlotte and Harry as well. But Carrie? Bah. I’ll watch her for the fancy dresses.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?