Shhhhhh. Don’t tell Winter Storm Vulcan…

…inside my balcony greenhouse? My plants are THRIVING.

See this Lavender plant? Surely it thinks it’s Spring. She’s growing so fluffy! (And I to date have not been successful with Lavender by seed, this one I bought as a wee plant a month or two ago and it has already tripled in size!)

And my potato plants? For the love of spuds, these plants have been growing out of control. I mean FEED ME SEYMOUR LITTLE SHOP OF HORROR GROWTH. You can’t tell from the photo but the big plant is in a 20 gallon grow bag. Once we put new grow lights in the greenhouse area I swear the plant grew 2 feet. I’ve been taking the vine and leaves and burying them while mounding up the soil along the stem, we will see. HWMMS decided to try the other two 5 gallon bags with potatoes as well…they also are quite hardy. So far so good…

The daffodils in the garage are quite confused, they are coming up and blooming with just a little bit of light on the side window. Silly flowers have no idea another foot of snow is planning on falling this week.

Now I just have to start my seeds!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?