Shiny! Steinway!

Oh. My. Goodness.


Tonight HWMMS and I went to visit our dearest friend Mich for a piano concert with the music of GENESIS at Denton Cottier and Daniels the WORLD’S OLDEST Steinway Dealer—believe it or not, it’s the first time I’ve been in the store! Shocking considering how many times I’ve been invited to events there! (Also, it helps that I now have a car…)

Anyhow, oh my. Pianos. So pretty. Shiny. Makes me drool.

I always wanted to play the piano as a kiddo…I had a mini organ I loved playing…and a keyboard but never a piano. I tried class piano in college one semester, but um, yeah. Mostly because Erin and Jay took it along with me and we all needed a one credit class. I did accomplish ODE TO JOY with two hands for the final!

Note to self: We need room in a house-to-be for a piano. MAYBE not the Steinway I took a picture of… since that baby is…well…let’s say a FEW GRAND. And when I say a few let’s say maybe my entire private college education amount of grands. Also, if we did buy such a piano (hahahahahahahaha) we would also have to adopt a cloned baby of Lang Lang from China. No offense to all the American Pianists out there or anything, but our best investment on the dollar would be a clone…I just need a sample of his hair.

Oh wait! Did I wash that dress yet?


I love our life. So ridiculous. One night Roller Derby. Another day a Wine Tour. Followed by an 18th century Tavern Night. And then a concert at a Steinway dealer with two pianists playing kick ass rock music. And yes, that is really us with Lang Lang. He was awesome awesome.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?