Shrimp Bisque

Shrimp Bisque. Mmmmmmm.

Holy moly.

One of my most favorite decadent sides I enjoy with a fancy dinner is a luscious, creamy shrimp bisque. Why it has never, ever occurred to me to try to make it at home is beyond me. Perhaps I needed a ridiculously large bag of thawed cooked shrimp leftover in the fridge to light that spark.

I know, I know LEFTOVER SHRIMP, WHAT? But we had an event this past weekend. And I ate a whole bunch of delicious shrimp cocktail, so when I ended up bringing a bag home…I may have been shrimped out. After the third day, I googled “how long can you keep thawed cooked shrimp in the refrigerator” and I came upon a recipe for shrimp stock.


Shrimp stock. I make stock of everything, of course!


So in the pot goes a whole bunch of shrimp. Some celery. An onion or three. Carrots. Peppercorns. Bay leaves. The house smelled like HEAVEN—shrimp heaven.

I looked up a few shrimp bisque recipes. One from Ina Garten. One from Epicurious.

And then I just did whatever, as usual.

I took the tails off and then put all the goodness in a blender with cream. Added a tomato. Lemon juice. Garlic. Thyme. And some creole seasoning. Maybe a lot of the creole seasoning. Oh yeah and a leek.

And put it on low————–slow and low and OH MY GOD IT’S SO YUMMY.

It might be my newest favorite.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?