Personal / Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Blah blah blah. This weekend has not been very fun. I seem to find myself sick. Sick with sinusy pressury goodness earlier this week, which turned into a fireball of scratchy fire closing in on my throat on Saturday. Spent much time in bed. Going out to the bar Friday when I KNEW better was another reason had a rousing game of Scrabble turn into a stroll to the Old Pink where I almost gaged on the smoke and yes, I am sensitive to smoke in bars and YES NY STATE LAW PROHIBITS smoking in bars, but so far I have found everyone has a smoker or 3 inside. Anyhow. I felt like I was eating this cigarette and the music was quite loud as well. Awful. I should have left well before the dart game we were still waiting for but I did not.

We did come up with a fun people watching game which I can see becoming a late night talk show skit “Did They Just Meet?” You know, when you see a man and woman, ok young man and younger woman all over each other groping…you can ask the question…Did They Just Meet? Most of the time the answer is seemingly YES. Which makes the next game “Should They Get A Room?” not as fun and too predictable. Alas. Things to do.

I actually left the bar stating. “It is good to be 30.” WOW the crowd was young and did I mention young? My young cousin Brenda, who IS YOUNG thought the crowd was, well young…ahem.

Random: I have decided that I would like to see the Colts win the Super Bowl AND the Patriots better lose so the Bills can hire their damn coach…enough.

Ok, and the cute pharmacy intern at the local Walgreens is worth checking out…when I approached the counter with two alka seltzer cold formulas, ONE which said “Sinus Pain and Pressure” and one which said “Sore Throat” he told me to forgo both of them and opt for Benedryl. He also was looking for a non-drowsy formula, but you know, what the hell why not be drowsy, ITS NOT LIKE I HAVE ANYTHING PLANNED FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! I digress…he was cute. And if Erin and I were in a Sex and the City episode, and I did not have a John, the cute pharmacy intern would have gone home with me….to call Erin. End of weekend.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?