Simba Cat the ROOSTER

Good morning friends. Tis SUNDAY! And so far the weekend has been relaxing and fabulous. I did the grocery shopping late last night so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere today. (I plan on cooking later.)

This morning, as in many mornings, we woke to the sound of a Simba Cat howling at the bedroom door. Strangely enough, Simba Cat HAS FOOD and HAS WATER and as Mark said “is practicing to be a rooster.”

Mark gets out of bed first (around 9:45, yes you can hate us!) and ends up bringing me coffee and the most heavenly oatmeal in the world (seriously, so much better than just oatmeal, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Oh yeah, he brings it to me in bed. Wheeeeee! Lucky me. I’m still hazy after staying up several hours to finish reading Bringing Home the Birkin (which was FABULOUS, LOVED IT!) and the coffee helped get me in the mood…for Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! (Aside: Wait, Wait is coming to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. I want tickets!!)

After losing to Mark in the lightning fill in the blank round, I decided to attack the 11 loads of laundry, that are still piled up in the bedroom.

Mission completed! (At least my 8 loads are put away.)

Now, I drink my coffee and read the paper and scan the internet and listen to C-Span while a few of the folks from Rochester work on their Wing Chun in the Studio, formerly known as the living room.

Life is good.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?