Six Degrees of Alex Trebek

Six Degrees of Alex Trebek. Time with the Smiths.

Indeed, life has thrown us a most serious turn. Lil Brother has informed me of some disturbing news. And he wanted me to share this news with you through the futuresque pretend Jeopardy Q and A format. You know, the awkward moment between regular and the double round where we learn quirky life events of our contestants.

Alex: Tim, it says here that you are three degrees of separation from, wait, does this say Osama Bin Laden? Please tell Tim.

Tim: Yes Alex. First of all I would like to remind the audience that I am the returning champion, winning $27,000 yesterday after correctly answering the Final Jeopardy question, What is Zero. (The sum of the number of Super Bowl rings in possession of Jim Kelly, Michael Vick, Dan Marino and the entire Cleveland Browns Organization.)

Alex: Yes, yes Tim I am sorry. You stand corrected. With perfect posture I might add. (Hardy har har Alex chuckle.) Now back to this Osama Bacon connection?

Tim: Thank you Alex. Yes, you see I work in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY. And as you can remember Alex, the Lackawanna Six were also from a small city in the same area. My best friends future wife, went to high school with one of the “Lackawanna Six.” And as the game goes, this puts her within two degrees of Osama Bin Laden. Which means…

Alex: (Excitedly jumps in with) that you know Kevin Bacon?

Tim: No, no, I know YOUR MOM. Seriously though, which means that I am three degrees of separation of Osama Bin Laden.

Alex: So that means I am four degrees because I know you?

Tim: Yes. Yes exactly.

Alex: Hmm. very interesting, although I think I ate dinner with Dick Cheney once, so does that make me three degrees? (inappropriate nervous laughter, cut to commercial break.)

So there you have it bloggers. All of YOU are also 4 degrees of separation from Osama. Unless of course, you know Ms. Trisha, and then you are three degrees. Yikes

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?