Since I’m on a roll, let me share the other MORNINGMENTS.

I snapped at someone unknowingly at the time, but actually quite rudely during my 30 minutes at the first League meeting of the year. I gotta tell ya something. I could care less about planning anything but for work this month. My Chair did all the work for League in September and yet, I still somehow wish all the work would disappear. It’s been a hell of a month. I need time away from everything and everyone to return to normal. I wish more than anything I had no responsibilities to an outside organization right now.

I snapped at my LindaLu unknowingly at the time, but actually quite rudely Friday afternoon when I picked up Mark. They were chatting and I REALLYNEEDEDTOGETBACKTOWORK. I was supposed to be in 3 places at the same time and none of those places involved picking up Mark at work. I had to return about 10 phone calls that minute and well. I snapped. And then I felt awful. I’m sorry LindaLu.

I started to try to get people together for the McKinnon family and received donations during the week that I had not had the chance to send out thank you notes to and acknowledge. I feel badly because, my God if anyone was having a hard week…sigh.

I bailed out (bad choice of terms these days, eh?) on a friends bridal shower. I should have known better, there was no way in hell I was going to be able to come off of the week I had and even be out of BED by the shower and I wasn’t. Sorry Nat (and Karen.)

I didn’t even have enough brain power to do what I needed to do for that other place I work for a few times a month. I had nothing left in me, been working on it today.

Haven’t had a chance to catch up everyone about the status of my Gma, but know she is ok. Family meeting tomorrow morning and I KNOW I can’t physically or mentally handle such a venture. I’m working on a short fuse as it is right now and desperately need a break, a real break. I mean a break break not a day off to work or clean the house once a month break. I trust enough people who will be looking out for Gma’s best interests, I just might disagree on how to go about dealing with the crisis. As long as Gma is ok, that is the most important part…


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?