Snappy Banter

Dating / Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.


So I think I mentioned how I was out on Mardi Gras and met two MARRIED MEN. The first one was all harmless and flirtatious and naughty and the second one was much more fun conversation and chatting, hence me giving him my number in the first place.

And then I found out he was married. And deleted his number and walked away as soon as he got up to go to the bathroom.

I’m catching up on the blog world today when I see a number from someone I don’t recognize. Since FLUSHING my cell phone weeks ago, this happens a lot. I don’t have all the numbers reprogrammed yet.

I casually ask with a smiley wink 😉 who is this?



Huh? Really?

The semi-cool guy I met on Mardi Gras? He hopes he didn’t come off as an ass? Has a crazy idea, not sure I would go for it (this is where I’m frightened a little…) A road trip with him to visit a recently divorced buddy out of town? (Huh? I know I come across familiar and friend people quickly but really? I talked to him for maybe 90 minutes?) He didn’t mean anything…he just enjoyed my company and my *snappy banter* (who doesn’t?) and it wasn’t the same ol’ mundane stuff you hear at bars or it was the connection we had. (Sigh…hence me giving him MY NUMBER BEFORE FINDING OUT HE WAS MARRIED.) It would be fun to know me.

Yep, yep it IS FUN TO KNOW ME.

Now if I could only be getting these kind of text messages from someone else…


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?