Snoring Puppy

Snoring Puppy

Snoring Puppy. I don’t know what it is about a gently snoring Harley Barley Boo that I find so irresistibly endearing. Snoring isn’t supposed to be sweet? But it is, oh it is. I love this darn dog so much my heart could burst. And I never even knew I needed such a beast in my life.

Jordan is the girl I picked for myself, the perfect Weber Wonderland dog. Harley? Came to us and was obviously the perfect fit and the missing piece to our little family unit. (Yes, family, even if there aren’t kiddos, the canines and felines are our family.)

Makes me wonder what else is out there just lurking around the corner that I never expected. Hmmmm. Something tells me I’m into something good.Ā  (Odd, I truly felt like it wasn’t me writing that last sentence, that came from somewhere within…a different voice. Not my own.)

ALSO interesting—I was thinking about posting this in the past because I blogged too many times today (and to hide it because I’m embarrassed by the last idea I wrote. I changed my mind, because I want to make sure the thought occurred on the page on the right day. I was going to put it on the 12th—which is the only day I don’t have a blog post for this month. 12th is 21st backwards I noted for some reason. And then I went to update my word count for the night so I could go to bed and well, this…

My @CampNaNoWriMo word count 35053. The same backward and forward.

TWICE. Hmmm. Coincidence that I noticed at all? Hmmmmm.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?