In Winter It’s a Marshmallow World!

Thank GOD for the snow.

I love the lovely, lovely flakes of snow falling outside my giant window at work and my cup of pecan flavoured coffee. (Oh how I wish we had more of those Chocolate Covered Pecans that found their way into our office earlier this week.) Mmmm. Add Holiday Music courtesy of Yahoo Radio and my USB port Christmas Tree on top of the computer and it almost feels like home!

Except for the fact that home is where my bed can be found. And my first cup of Joe for the morning, was Alka-Seltzer Plus. Delicious! I can’t complain, I’m not sick (yet) knocking on wood. I only feel it early morning and late evening. And all day when I’m tired tired tired. Wah wah.

Moving right along…

I’ve had the pleasure of attending meetings/parties hosted at the Buffalo Club and Saturn Club this past week. My, oh my, are the clubs dressed in their holiday finest. Quite a pretty sight.

By the way when Googling “Buffalo Club” make sure you specify Buffalo, NY. The first Buffalo Club that came up from my search also brought along with it the lovely sounds of Oasis “Wonderwall” when I opened the page. Which seemed, how shall I say it, quite out of character. Turns out it was a Buffalo Club in California.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?