Snowy Springville

Pets, Weber Wonderland / Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

Snowy Springville. So pretty I could cry. Also, still snowing, gently.

Giant Puppy is in love.

Nope, not as much as Erie, PA (JEALOUS!) But a pretty darn good amount considering a few feet already melted before this recent storm!

Although you wouldn’t know it from the WNY Media standpoint! SPRINGVILLE IN THE NEWS!


It was the first time in days I felt ok enough to take the puppers for a quick walk and my poor lungs didn’t know what to do with all that fresh cold air.

And it really is a whole different world once you pass the Boston/Hamburg exit on the 219 heading to Springville. Be safe out there friends!

To think that before Weber Wonderland, I lived in that sad, grey snowless area of Niagara County.

Update: Well, well a snow spotter I am not. I was thinking more 72ish inches.