So many careers, none involving law school.

Pastry chef? (Baked all night)

Writer? (Wrote a story and submitted it about, er baking)

Alas. So many careers, none involving law school.

I decided I am not going to decide anything right now.

I am taking time off until the 3rd, visiting friends and family. Reading many books. Just being. And I am going to sit pretty at my wonderful place of employment and wait for the perfect position to fall in front of my eyes. Be that in Buffalo. Or elsewhere…although elsewhere cannot possibly happen for quite some time since I need to pay back people who loaned me $$$ when I was down down down and out earlier this year. As well as save some $$$ for a move and/or a vehicle. Although the bus is quite perfect considering where I live and work.

And that my friends…is my tale told by an idiot, signifying, not very much

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?