So THAT’S why I’m prone to depression!

Are smart kids more likely to be depressed?

Because gifted children are able to consider the possibilities of how things might be, they tend to be idealists. However, they are simultaneously able to see that the world is falling short of how it might be. They discover that others, particularly of their age, clearly do not share these concerns “

Well, I wouldn’t say *gifted* but, above average? Perhaps, at least that’s what I was told growing up. Personally, I wasn’t “reading Sartre by age 10” however I did find myself “glumly pondering the meaning of life.” Of course that is because my life as I knew it…shattered to pieces when I was 14-15. Death has a funny way of making a teenager looking at life just a little bit differently. Burying the entire Smith family by the age of 23, also has a way of making one well, repress these feelings for years and years and THEN making one look at life differently when the other side of the family falls ill… However, I believe growing up with a gene pool (on both sides) who have silently suffered from Depression, and not so silently self-medicated for most of their lives…might have more to do with my big D than being smart enough to get through High School with honors and very averagely self-medicating my way through college. (With the exception of honors on my thesis.) And somehow by the grace of God making it into Law School. Or, perhaps I’m just too smart.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?