So this is Christmas* 2017

Food & Drink, Holidays, HWMMS, Personal, Weber Wonderland / Monday, December 25th, 2017

So this is Christmas* 2017—-And what have we done?


Christmas* around Weber Wonderland is otherwise known as the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. HWMMS and I have our Meetiversary on the 15th, HWMMS Birthday 19th, Christmas Eve Eve 23rd, Christmas Eve 24th, Christmas 25th, My Birthday 29th, New Year’s Eve 31st—it’s a two-week festivus!

Sometimes the sick hits right smack in the middle of your plans. And then a snowstorm hits at the same time. And coupled with a huge pile of the MEH and ICANTBELIEVEWEHADSUCHACRAPTASTICWEEKWEJUSTHADNESS well, it was a stay-at-home-Weber-Duo kind of Christmas Vacation.

Hence, canceling out on friends and family trying to not spread the ick to the ones we love. The greatest present we can give this year is the gift of our NOT presence.

“I am not in need.”

The ONE thing we did hope to accomplish today—go out and grab Chinese for dinner. Of course, the snow decided to come this afternoon after a pretty clear morning so that didn’t happen. Ah, life. Time to improvise. It is good to have a large, diverse pantry. It is also now time to add most of these items on the grocery list as I used the last of the water chestnuts, sesame oil AND we didn’t even HAVE baby peas in the freezer or canned pineapple. For shame! For shame!

HWMMS and I are watching Christmas movies. (Christmas Vacation and Die Hard of course.) In and out of coughing fits and mini naps. Bellies full. Dogs cuddling close. Cats warm and cozy. Snow soon to be endlessly falling…

Merry Christmas everyone.

As for decorations.

Man, nothing like waiting until the last minute. I was completely in the spirit right before Thanksgiving. Which of course is WAY too soon for HWMMS. So that mean once the bins came down from the attic…they sat for week after week after week after CRAP let’s just not put them out after all.

Somewhere in a haze of sick on either the 23rd or 24th (I can’t remember now….) we decorated anyway.

HWMMS was in charge of the nativities this year.

Um…I told him they look like individual suburban households celebrating Christmas at the same time, but separately. The added plush gnomes looming close by also cracks me up.

He also did both the trees. I didn’t put up the penguin ones. No energy.

A bit Merry?