So very tired…

Long weekend for me…completely drained…physically (thank you Stephanie and Shannon!)

And mentally…Out of the news loop since Thursday. Lots to catch up on soon.

Thanks for stopping by…come again tomorrow!

Oh, and Happy 30th Erin…hope you had a nice time.

Thanks to the gang for helping me make it all happen…Mom and Papa N, Caren, (Chris), Susan (Todd), Shannon (Craig!), Stephanie, Dayna (Tim), Rachel (Brian), Jen (Tim) (and future Da!) , Eden (Baby Sal!), Stephanie, Dave (for the 30th soundtrack!) and Dumb, Justin, Holly, Mary…Aunt Carroll (and PHIL!) geez am I forgetting anyone? Ray! and The entire Family Von N! Oh and Mc Nally had a (rhymes with HAND) in the game as well, but no doing of my own! :Oh and of course Barnes and Noble, Ebay, Party City, Max and Erma’s, Cozumel, and *The 90* for getting us where we needed to go. And for Rick James, for putting on a helluva show.

Peace be with you all.

I’m now accepting offers for the position: Event Planner. Reply within.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?