Social Media and Blogging Pet Peeves

Blogging, Social Media / Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Social Media and Blogging Pet Peeves

ARUGH! Warning, this is a petty post. But I feel like I need to rant. I need to rant and commiserate with others who must feel the same way. It can’t just be me, can it?


If you make me click through multiple pages (usually with a photo) to read one article, I will not read your post. What a crappy way to get page views.

If I click on a link thinking it’s an article and it’s only a video, I won’t watch. I’m in the middle of reading an article that also has a video and the video starts playing, I will not read your post. I’m not a video person, I know many are and that’s fine, but give me a choice or make it clear please.

If I click on a link and a popup instantly appears asking me to sign up for a newsletter or a wonderful free ebook or a life changing online seminar—there’s a good chance I will just close the post and not read. If it seems like a post I really want to read, I will click the little x to close the box—-but when ANOTHER popup appears? Forget it. I know, I know bloggers need to make money and get email addresses and build business. But my GOD this is not the way to get someone like me interested. And it frustrates me so, so much because there are some really great websites with great content out there that do this—-and it’s a total turn-off for me. Don’t even get me started on popup windows that you can’t figure out how to close, where’s the X? How many times do I have to click the NOT INTERESTED link before it closes?


If I didn’t have friends I cared to check in with from time to time on Facebook and oh yeah, I wasn’t a social media manager I would not be using Facebook anymore. I’m on my own personal page rarely these days. I just don’t care to see the “stuff” I want to see personal updates and photos not links to fluffy bunnies and inspirational quotes. At least not on Facebook.

As a page manager, Facebook is beyond infuriating. It’s pay to play or nothing. I’ve been experimenting and boosting posts the last week and still getting dismal results, that’s what happens when you throw a dollar here or there. It’s sad. Because I think people in general assume if they like a page they will see the content, but nope. THIS is also why I do LIKE so many posts I see pages share, the more people who like something—the more Facebook will share your post in the feed of people who already like your page. Sigh.

I also would like the ability to hide when I’m on Facebook. Because 9/10 times I’m checking something or scheduling for work purposes, not personal.

And don’t even get me started with Facebook Live. I’m old school social media and prefer my life that way.


I love Twitter. Right now, it’s my social media platform of choice, personally and professionally. If there’s something happening in the world, I check Twitter first. Being able to create lists makes segmenting my many worlds that much easier. I only wish about 50 people I love who are only on Facebook or Instagram would be active on Twitter and then it would be my perfect social media world.

I don’t have any idea what’s going on with the ‘moments’ tab, so don’t ask.


Linkedin has turned into what Facebook was for me a few years ago. Networking, content. Good stuff. If you haven’t been over there in a while, it’s worth your time to revisit.


I like Pinterest a lot but for me personally, it’s lost some of it’s charm. . I don’t like scrolling down my carefully curated feed of people I follow and find myself inundated with posts of things Pinterest thinks I will like. Most of the time this includes something from a group board. I really hate group boards.


For the love of GOD why am I not able to see my feed in chronological order. I scroll through every few days to like posts and I realize some of them are days old—nope, I’m not creeping on you, I just assumed it was from today and OOPS it’s 4 days old.

Google +

What? This dinosaur exists still? I throw posts over there when scheduling content. But I can’t tell you the last time I cared to check out my profile, does anyone use this actively?


I have no desire whatsoever to use Snapchat. ever. And those filters annoy me.

Agree? Disagree? Wanna tell me I’m old and need to get with the times? 🙂

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