Theater / Monday, May 7th, 2007


(I saw the show Wednesday but never blogged about it! DI01!)

Oooh. Last Wednesday Mark and I went to Spamalot at Shea’s. Loved it! (But I knew I would…)

I mean what can you say about audience FULL of giddy anticipation over every scene. The French Taunter appears without a word…and a wave of laughter goes through the audience. And Dear God, my proud smile was in rare form at the very end of the show when the bouncy ball hopped along the lyrics at the top of the stage and the audience sang along to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” (you just whistled, didn’t you!)

I loved the props. Over-bearingly cartoonish, colorful and perfect. I loved the props…the Trojan Rabbit and the rabbit with sharp pointy teeth, the large stuffed catapulted cow, the streams of blood (red ribbons) Everything was exactly as it should have been, super silly!

And, as always I fell a little in love. With Sir Robin and Sir Lancelot (and French Taunter/Knight of Ni/Tim The Enchanter. Although it was quite clear that Sir Lancelot, who likes to dance a lot, would not love me back. 😉 I did however think that both of these leads were stronger than King Arthur. Mark thought the same, it seemed King Arthur was singing, inward instead out OUTWARD to the audience. If that makes any sense. Thankfully, the others were around to assist.

Oh what I would have given to see David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria in these roles…I should have made the trip to NYC.

My Mark liked it very, very much (say it like the French please…) and has just today stopped making farting noises on my voice mail at work, in my general direction. 🙂 Boys will be boys. (I fear what Scotty might be doing after seeing the show on Saturday.)

I was a wee bit surprised at how many kids were in the audience. Middle schoolish kids with their parents. I first discovered the Quest for the Grail in High School. And while it seemed like some of the content was, well, something the parents would have loved after seeing it 2700 times growing up, the kids seemed to enjoy the show too. Cool parents.

And I cannot…stop…singing…

I do however wish Zoot, just Zoot made an appearance in the show, get rid of the Laker Girls and bring on the spanking…but that might just be my humble opinion.

What did everyone else think? I know a bunch of you out there saw it this past week!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?