SPIDERMAN. Jenny loves Mark and Mark loves Spidey, so…

JennyMark went to see SPIDERMAN 3 on opening night. (Yes, there was a Sabres game going on, so the box office numbers in Buffalo I’m certain were quite abysmally low compared to the rest of the entire universe, at least for Friday. And I actually called my brother when I the movie was over because I wanted to know who won.) Now SPIDEY…What did I think? Well…I thought… 1. I want to my hair to be the color of M.J.’s in the movie.

2. I was surprised by the dorkiness (and cluelessness) of Peter Parker. And I found that when Peter was under the influence…I enjoyed the bad side. Very hot. I would have liked to see more MJ/Harry and Peter/Gwen personally, but then that wouldn’t be a superhero multibillion dollar blockbuster now would it… 3. Casting the enemies. Wow Thomas Hayden *Hardass* Church as Sandman and Topher Grace as Eddie Brock were perfect for their characters. And even the people who are huge fans of Spidey and actually read the comics thought so too! 4. I liked the black goo stuff very much, I just wish it had more of a backstory other than falling out of the sky while pretty redheaded MJ and Peter Parker are making out in the web above the park. 5. Sandman was cool too. Green Goblin, eh? Not as much, although Harry was easy on the eyes. Much easier than Peter. The secretary was a hottie too. 6. Maybe I agree with the rest of the world (and Kelly too) that there was a lot going on in this movie. Not that I had anything to compare it with but I remember being shocked that after Harry forced MJ to break it off wth Peter, she later finds no problem easing his pain at the end of the movie. Um, sure. I think I might question that myself, but after coming out of a cab stuck in a web high above NYC, I might forget too. 7. Movie pretty. Superheroes and villains and real people in the same movie. Not my thing. But the movie was pretty. I wasn’t tempted to leave one second. 8. I even stayed through the credits to see my little high school freshman friend Amanda’s name in the credits! 🙂 9. Nachos at the movies do not have scallions. Why did I think I would like them? I should have snuck in spray cheese. 10. Quaker Crossing is a suburban paradise. Everything you could ever want all in one plaza. Target. Movies. Premier. Kohl’s. Borders (which we went to after the movie.) AND my brother’s house is close by too, which has the most perfect backyard in the entire world. And my favorite little person, Toddler A. And two of my favorite big people Mom and Dad of Toddler A. JennyMark LOVE to spend time here. And now not Spidey related…but still talking about movies. (Oh wait the last one wasn’t about movies either, oh well!) What the hell? Are there no original script ideas floating around anywhere these days? While waiting for Spiderman 3, we watched previews for Pirates 3, Shrek 3, even Rush Hour 3. C’mon, I can’t be the only one who finds this annoying? Can I? (I can however be the only person who never saw any of the previously mentioned movies 1 or 2 and have no desire to see 3 either.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?