Spirit of the Storm Radio Show

Friends, Mind and Spirit / Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Spirit of the Storm Radio Show premiers tomorrow night on Blog Talk Radio.

A Paranormal Supernatural Psychedelic Good Time!

It’s finally here! Time for my dearest friend Rev. Mario’s inaugural radio show! Tune in for live psychic readings and lively, engaging discussions on what’s on your mind in the world of the strange and unusual!

“If you like paranormal, supernatural, psychic, mediumship, UFO’s, spirituality, conspiracy theories,…THIS IS YOUR SHOW! A live weekly CALL IN show to discuss these topics and more! psychic/medium readings para news and events all blended with Rev. Mario’s unique spiritual insights.”

Call (845) 241-9879 to speak on air with Rev, Mario!

Rev. Mario “Stormcrow” Tonellato has shared his gifts for over 30 years as a psychic medium, rune reader, Reiki master and energy/aura worker. As an elder in the pagan community, he has helped countless people gain insight into both their lives and situations with an open and honest approach. Rev. Mario has worked with paranormal groups and others dealing with cases helping families with, negative hauntings, house cleansing and removal of negative energy. He has been featured on Para-X radio and can be seen doing his gallery show Rev. Stormcrow’s Mystic Review all over the northeast.

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Good luck tomorrow Mario & Katie—we love you! 🙂