Personal / Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Spiritless? Hmm. Not sure where the mood is coming from today. I woke up and felt meh, eh, bah.

And I’m getting ready to climb into bed feeling bah, eh, meh.

I had a decent day, tho? I moved my office and am VERY happy with the new digs. From the cubicle farm in Development Suite into a Double Office with the Marketing Manager which makes much more sense with my position. Cozy. Happy.

But in general, I’m blah.

Payday should make me happy…at least I bought cat food and cat litter right? Oooh and filled up the van $45 baby! But in reality it was depressing today to watch all the $ flow from the checking account to my bills. And in two weeks I get to do it again folks—rent time! Bah…someday I might catch up but in the meantime I’m sick of it. I hate the few days before a payday when I’m dangerously close to the edge of nothing. It’s a little depressing.

Not dwelling, just stating.

I came home tonight and ended up catching up on some TV shows on Hulu.com- Nip/Tuck and two episodes of Always Sunny. I did watch The Office too but can’t lie, it’s not doing it for me…the mafia? Whatever. And then I realized how much time I spent watching TV shows and went in the kitchen and looked around at a messy ass apartment. Dishes still from Sunday. Garbage that needs to be taken out. Kitty litter to be changed. STUFF to remove from countertops.


So I took about 20 minutes and cleaned it all up. At least most of i and this makes me feel better.

On that exciting note? Off to bed to daydream about the groceries I want to buy this week. Damn, the Premier ad Double Up For A Buck is with the TOPS ad too. I should just throw that out now.

Night folks.

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