Steinway Piano Sale at Denton, Cottier & Daniels

Shopping, Western New York / Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Steinway Piano Sale at Denton, Cottier & Daniels

If you’ve EVER thought about owning a Steinway piano, seriously, there’s NO time like RIGHT NOW to purchase one from Denton, Cottier & Daniels. And there will NOT be another chance like it in the future, so you’re on notice.

Denton, Cottier & Daniels cutting historic ties with Steinway

“We’re going to continue bringing music to the masses as we have since 1827. We’re not going anywhere.” -Michelle Trimper, Vice President

Denton, Cottier and Daniels will continue to deal in fine pianos, she said. The store will offer historic and restored pianos, as well as digital pianos, and it will pursue relationships with other distinguished piano manufacturers.

Starting in 2018, until or unless another dealer emerges, Western New Yorkers who want to purchase a Steinway will find that their closest option is New York City. Steinway has two manufacturing facilities, one in New York and the other in Hamburg, Germany.

Denton, Cottier & Daniels, founded in 1827, is one of Buffalo’s oldest businesses. It is one of a handful of storefronts included in the Buffalo History Museum’s “Street of Shops,” which shows how the city looked in the early 19th century.

Of course you don’t HAVE to buy a Steinway piano. They have a multitude of options to choose from!

AND you can even buy that special someone the GIFT OF PIANO LESSONS. 

Believe it or not, no piano needed to take their beginner lessons! Which means you and your friend can cross LEARN TO PLAY PIANO off your 2018 Bucket List! Yes, a simple two hand “Ode to Joy” counts as leaning how to play piano, I learned this back in college. Barely learned, but still. 🎶

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