Still Standing!

Personal / Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Last night, I pulled a Sally. From “When Harry Met Sally” the second scene where she brought a Christmas Tree home all on her lonesome, not the cutesy first one where her friend Harry is helping…and believe it or not I wasn’t sad at all. In fact I found myself wistful over another time…another place…another…instead…nevermind.

I ended up picking this one. Brought it in the house (it fit perfectly in the van, of course!) And plopped it on the floor. My cats INSTANTLY attached their noses to it. (It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had a real tree…) So I left it horizontal for quite sometime to let them adjust. Also because I couldn’t find that stupid cheap ass Christmas Tree Stand that I knew I found it in the basement somewhere and thought I brought up with the rest of the decorations…but didn’t.  I found it downstairs with the flashlight. In a spot I know I didn’t leave it at the last time I saw it, but whatever. Darn gnomes moving my stuff around.

I’m never going to buy one of those things on year end clearance again. Piece of crap. EASY TO ASSEMBLE! Except the stupid screws don’t even fit in the holes, at least 3 out of 4 of them didn’t.

The tree leans very much to the right. And I needed it to be centered, but those darn pegs wouldn’t screw in right!

Seriously, you do not want to know how long I spent on the ground fighting with this one dollar 85% off post Christmas tree stand that only costs something like $7.99 to begin with. I’m cheap. I knew I would be getting a real tree again someday, so I bought it. (I hope someone doesn’t try the math there, I don’t think I got that right.)


I then decided to stand the *taller and thinner than the other trees* tree upright. I leeeeeaned the tree against the wall in the corner completely convinced it would never stand on it’s own (especially with two curious critters watching my every move.)

A tree only a person like me could love, a little awkward but with great potential. 🙂

Um, I did underestimate how TALL the tree was though…

DAMMIT! I love my apartment but I dislike the ceiling. Of course I haven’t been able to pop the stupid panel back in place properly and the attempt to do so only made crap get in my face and more panels crooked, but oh well.

I have a CHRISTMAS TREE. And it is STILL STANDING on it’s own. And that’s something, my friends. I’m celebrating the little things this season.


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