Stomach, Upset

Oh dear. My stomach hates me. It REALLY hated me last night and I thought I might be sick, however this morning it just feels, well, to spare you the details see picture above.

I’m on a self-imposed detox today, we’ll see if it gets better. Water with LEMON. Check. Green leafy salad loaded with veggies for lunch, check.


I’m so freaking tired and beat, one long week (and sad.) And to think next week it’s ALL WORK for me! I start with working on Sunday afternoon and go straight through the week late nights Tues/Wed an event on Thursday (late night) and an event on Saturday. Woo hoo! Day off Monday perhaps?

I’m gonna need some R&R this weekend…anti-social R&R. Generally I’m just beat after a long week, but when the week starts out like this one did with sad news about family, well, it all piles on. I just have a hard time checking emotions at the door. And a hard time not opening doors from the past…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?