Storage Space and Internet Woes.

Storage Space and Internet Woes. Sure, no problem. I’s can create storage space in my new Apartment Sweet Apartment!


Just follow these simple directions and a shoe rack is mine! I have a new wee computer desk, pantry and bookshelf ordered that I’ll have to put together too, once they arrive.

High Ceilings

Hmm, this isn’t the best picture however you can see that I was a bit creative throwing the bookcases on top of each other. Games on the bottom, books everywhere else. I have very tall ceilings so this works nicely! (I think it looks much nicer than this photo also…) The plant on the right is sitting on a stack of the blue/red law school books from ages ago.

I seem to have no trouble accommodating a smaller space. In fact, I love it lots. However I’m nowhere near smart enough to figure out how to hook up my modem and wireless adapter to get internet access.

Go figure right? My friend Bobby helped with the initial set-up and then I putzed around for way too long trying to figure it out. You see, I went to order online and called up the nice customer service agent and found out I could not get my order placed because the person who lived in my apartment before me, who moved to NYC with no forwarding address…never turned hers off. Oh, I could fax over a copy of my lease and then they will call me etc but all I hear is FREE INTERNET!!!

Somehow FREE INTERNET is not mine still. The desktop and the laptop both pick up my very strong and what seems to be ON wireless connection, but when I open up a webpage, nada. I tried to do some manual install of the router and ended up being semi-successful and they gave me a code number to call in to Time-Warner to set up my self-install account but this isn’t what I thought I could do right now. So confusing. God bless IT people, cause I have no patience for not having a clue with these things.

In the meantime, unsecured connections and coffee shops are my friend. And the UPS truck who will bring me many storage options for my new digs.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?