Strike a pose!

Oh lovely day!

My one class starts tonight.

I am going to try to meet with financial aid this afternoon before class, leaving work early. MIGHT be good news on this front, I heard from the registrar this morning, and I *might* be able to *maybe* do something to save myself something. I do not want to speak too soon…I shall not speak too soon in fact. Shhhh. Just think happy thoughts for me.

AND of course, I came into work today feeling quite girly and PINK! I am wearing a new skirt that I bought for $7 while shopping at the Grove City outlets! My Mary had her family bridal shower this weekend in Pittsburgh, so I found myself south of the border in the land of no sales tax! OF COURSE I have little to oh yeah NO money, but sometimes, a frilly pink flowery skirt for $7 is just too much to pass up! And let me tell you, I have the HUGEST smile on my face today because of it  And well, other things…ahem. But that is one of the reasons! Perhaps this study about coffee is another reason, I made mine extra strong this morning!

Anyhow, my friend Chris, brought me her new issue of the September VOGUE today! Which is another reason why I am smiling smiling! I have not yet had the chance to delve into the 5 pound beast! Although I really have found that over the past year, I actually *know* and recognize designers I enjoy! MUCH to Erin’s confusion, as she found out when I was excited about stopping at the BCBG Max Azria outlet. Such pretty clothes! It helped when I was dating John, who actually took me into the fancy department stores where I touched my first Kate Spade purse.  And knowing Ursus who works several shows in NYC during Fashion Week has upped my knowledge as well!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?